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Welcome to our 55th newsletter, your go-to resource for enhancing your English language skills through engaging and relevant content. This edition brings you exciting news, practical language tips, and inspirational insights from a renowned comedian.

  • English with News covers the unprecedented conviction of former President Donald Trump, highlighting key legal terms and their implications.

  • Learn English provides a step-by-step guide on how to summarize an essay effectively, helping you to condense and convey complex information clearly.

  • English Speeches features Jerry Seinfeld's humorous and insightful commencement address, offering valuable life lessons on humor, effort, and fascination.

Join us as we explore these diverse topics, enriching your language skills and broadening your understanding of current events and effective communication. Here's to your continued growth and curiosity—happy learning! 😊


Donald Trump: First President Convicted

In a historic turn of events, former President Donald Trump has become the first U.S. president to be convicted of a crime. The charges, which include obstruction of justice and financial misconduct, have sent shockwaves through the political landscape and stirred intense debates across the nation. This landmark case not only sets a legal precedent but also raises important questions about accountability and the rule of law in American politics.

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Key Words:

  1. Conviction (n.) - A formal declaration that someone is guilty of a criminal offense.

    • Example: The court's conviction of the former president has sparked widespread discussion.

  2. Obstruction of Justice (n.) - The crime of willfully interfering with the process of justice and law.

    • Example: Trump was found guilty of obstruction of justice for attempting to hinder investigations.

  3. Accountability (n.) - The fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

    • Example: The conviction emphasizes the need for accountability in government officials.

This unprecedented case serves as a critical reminder of the importance of transparency and integrity in leadership. For more details on this developing story, read the full article on BBC News.


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How to Summarize an Essay

Summarizing an essay is an essential skill for both academic and professional success. It involves condensing the main ideas of a text into a concise overview, capturing the core message while omitting unnecessary details. Learning to summarize effectively can help you understand and communicate complex information more clearly.

Key Points:

  • Identify the Main Ideas: Focus on the thesis and major points that support it, ignoring minor details.

  • Use Your Own Words: Paraphrase the original text to ensure you grasp the concepts and can convey them accurately.

  • Be Concise and Clear: Keep your summary brief and to the point, ensuring it remains faithful to the original text's intent.

Mastering the art of summarization can enhance your comprehension and communication skills, making it easier to convey important information efficiently. For a detailed guide on how to summarize an essay, read the full article on our website.


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Jerry Seinfeld: Keep Your Humor

Learn English with Jerry Seinfeld as he delivers an entertaining and insightful commencement speech at Duke University. Captivating the Class of 2024, Jerry shares his wisdom on the importance of humor, hard work, and maintaining perspective in life. From his early days in comedy to becoming a cultural icon, Jerry's journey highlights the value of finding fascination and staying grounded.

Key Points for English Learners:

  • Humor and Perspective: Jerry emphasizes the importance of humor in navigating life's challenges, providing a valuable lesson in maintaining a positive outlook.

  • Effort and Attention: He encourages graduates to put in hard work and stay attentive, sharing practical advice that applies to both personal and professional endeavors.

  • Finding Fascination: Instead of pursuing a single passion, Jerry advises finding fascination in various aspects of life, which can lead to a more fulfilling and balanced experience.

This speech is not only inspirational but also offers excellent examples of how humor and effort can guide you through life's challenges.


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