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“With almost 1000 files available, I feel like I have an entire English school at my fingertips! Every week is a new adventure with the fresh content. The annual plan is a steal, especially with two months free!”

Elenafrom Italy

“I've been following 'English Speeches' on YouTube for a while, but the Premium Access has taken my learning to another level. The vast library of transcripts and audio files is invaluable. Highly recommended!”

Arun from India

“Subscribing to English Speeches Premium Access was the best decision I made this year! The PDFs, audios, and lessons have made learning English so enjoyable. I eagerly await the email every week!”

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“I've tried many English learning platforms, but the 'English Speeches Premium Access' stands out. It's not just about learning; it's about experiencing the language through powerful speeches. Plus, the audio files help a lot with my listening skills!”

Lily from South Korea

“The in-depth English lessons are a game-changer. They deepen my understanding of each speech, making it not just about language but also culture and context. Kudos to the 'English Speeches' team for this brilliant initiative!”

Samuel from Nigeria