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  • English with News dissects key terms like 're-election' and 'constituency' from India's ongoing massive electoral process.

  • Speak Like a Native explores the nautical roots of the phrase "cast your vote," connecting maritime history with democratic practices.

  • Article of the Week simplifies paraphrasing techniques, crucial for clear and effective communication.

  • English Speeches examines President Biden's recent humorous speech, focusing on its complex language and cultural references.

Join us as we traverse these engaging linguistic landscapes, sharpening your English skills and expanding your understanding of global issues. Here's to your continued growth and curiosity—happy learning! 😊


India Starts Voting in World's Largest Election

This week, we explore a significant event from India, where the country has begun the process of voting in the world's largest election. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking re-election, and the election will span over a month, involving millions of voters and a vast array of political parties.

Key Words:

  1. Re-election (n.) - The act of being elected again to a position.

    • Example: Prime Minister Modi is campaigning vigorously for his re-election.

  2. Constituency (n.) - A geographical area represented by a member of a legislative body.

    • Example: Each candidate must win over voters in their respective constituencies.

  3. Ballot (n.) - A process of voting, usually secret.

    • Example: On election day, voters will cast their ballots at designated polling stations.

India's election highlights the complexities of democratic processes in a diverse society. The stakes are high, with significant implications for the country's future direction. This news not only keeps us informed about a major international event but also provides a valuable lesson on the workings of democracy and the power of voting.


"Cast Your Vote": The Civic Duty Rooted in Maritime History

Voting How To GIF by Election 2016

The phrase "cast your vote" is commonly used in democratic societies around the world, particularly evident in significant events like India's ongoing general election. Interestingly, this phrase has nautical origins. The term "cast" was initially used in a maritime context, referring to the act of throwing something forcefully or deliberately, such as casting a net or an anchor.

In the context of voting, "casting your vote" involves a deliberate choice or decision, akin to throwing one's choice into the collective pool of decisions. This expression underlines the importance and weight of each individual's decision in shaping the leadership and policies of their society, much like how a well-cast net can determine the success of a day's catch.


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Paraphrasing Essentials: A Guide to Clearer Writing

This week, we focus on mastering the skill of paraphrasing, an essential aspect of effective communication and writing in English. Paraphrasing involves rephrasing a text to express the same ideas differently, which is crucial for understanding, avoiding plagiarism, and engaging in meaningful discussions.

Benefits of Paraphrasing:

  • Improves Language Skills: Enhances vocabulary and grammar understanding.

  • Boosts Critical Thinking: Encourages a deeper understanding of the text.

  • Avoids Plagiarism: Demonstrates comprehension and original thought in academic and professional writing.

For more practical tips and detailed guidance on paraphrasing, including common mistakes to avoid, you can read the full article on the English Speeches website. This comprehensive guide is invaluable for learners at all levels seeking to improve their English proficiency.


President Biden: Humorous Speech

Join us as President Joe Biden delivers a humorous and thought-provoking speech at the 2022 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Experience how he navigates through topics on approval ratings, celebrates historical legacies, and discusses serious national issues—all with a mix of humor and gravity. Learn about the critical role of journalism in democracy and President Biden's vision for America's future.

Key Points for English Learners:

  • Advanced Vocabulary and Jargon: The speech is rich with specific terms related to politics and media, such as "approval ratings" and "legacy."

  • Complex Sentences and Structures: Biden's speech provides excellent examples of complex sentence construction, making it a valuable resource for understanding advanced English language structures.

  • Cultural References and Humor: The speech is interspersed with cultural references and humor, offering insights into American political and social nuances.


This edition highlights the words 'precedent' and 'partisanship' from President Biden's speech:

  1. Precedent (n.): An earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances.

    • Example in a sentence: "In his speech, President Biden discussed the precedent set by earlier administrations which guide current practices."

  2. Partisanship (n.): Strong, sometimes blind allegiance to a particular party, faction, cause, or person.

    • Example in a sentence: "During the dinner, Biden expressed his concern about the rising partisanship which is increasingly evident in American politics."

These vocabulary words help elucidate key concepts from the speech and enhance English comprehension skills.


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